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I have talked about article marketing in my previous post. Article marketing is one of the most important methods for SEO. With article marketing, you need to write articles and submit them to different article directories. Of cause you can write an article and submit it to one article directory, and them write another article and submit it to another article directory. By this way, you can keep all your articles unique and avoid duplicated content problem.

But the problem is, do you like writing articles, and how many articles you can write? Of cause you can hire a writer to write all articles for you, but the price of hiring a writer becomes so costly.

You can also submit one article to all article directories, so you only need one article for all directories. But the search engines may not be happy with this, then mark your articles as duplicated contents and simply ignore it. So even if you have a lot of back-links pointing to your own website, they have no SEO value, or even have negative effects, and you can’t let your website rank well in search engines.

Here comes the Magic Article Rewriter, which can replace each word, phrase or sentence of an article with several different versions. When submitting to an article directory, you can pick one word, phrase or sentence from the different versions to form a new article. Therefore, for each article you submit, it is a unique article. This method is called article spinning. You can use an article submission tool, such as Magic Article Rewriter’s bundled software Magic Article Submitter, to help you submit the spun articles to thousands of article directories, and create thousands of back links pointing to your websites.

As you may find in this Magic Article Rewriter review, not every article spinning tool can create high quality articles. Some of them will generate very low quality which may cause the article directories to reject your articles, or even ban your account and websites.

On the other hand, Magic Article Rewriter stands on the top of all article rewriting tools. Its dictionary has a huge synonym database which includes not only words but also phrases. So you can easily spin both words and phrases. Also it has a very powerful plug-in, Magic Token. With the Magic Token, you only need to click one button, and it will automatically spin the whole article. According to my experience, you only need to do a few modifications after the spinning. This means, you can save a lot of time in spinning the articles.

As shown in many Magic Article Rewriter reviews, this tool also has an easy manual spinning feature. After the automatic spinning, if you want to spin more, you can use two navigation buttons to navigate back and forth, and then add the proper words or phrases into your article with just a single click. Since it has a huge synonym database, you can add many variations conveniently.

In short, it has many excellent features which help you spin articles in a very easy way, and generate many high quality spun articles. It combines the best features of many other article spinners, and make sure the results are non-duplicated, Copyscape friendly. You can generate hundreds of back links from one article. This is why I highly recommend it in this Magic Article Rewriter review.

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