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You may have heard the term “Email Marketing” many times. This is a very cost-effective and environmentally friendly online marketing strategy. But what actually is email marketing? The basic idea is quite simple: At first, you collect the email addresses of potential customers, and then send email to them with you affiliate links. Once they click the links to buy a product, you get the commission.

The idea itself is quite simple, but the problem is why people will give you their email addresses, and why they will read your emails instead of just deleting them, or even reporting you as a spammer. The key point is, you always provide very helpful information to them, so they know you are not just sending junk and advertisements to them. This will build up a trust with them, and is very helpful for building up your long term online business.

The best advantage of email marketing is that it builds a list of prospective customers that can easily be contacted again in a convenient way, and a prospective customer on such a list is always worth more than just a single sale. What’s more, when they receive your email, they will get a reminder to come back to your site again to read your blog posts, and click your affiliate links or AdSense ads.

The first step of email marketing is to collect email addresses. If you already have a very good website with informative content about a certain niches, and a strong relationship with your readers, then you already have a very good platform for generating profits using this kind of method, since you have built the authority source in this niche and trust with your readers. Now what you will need to do is putting a form in your site to gather information from your readers, so you may be able to send email to them later on.

You can build a static web form and put it in your web page, such as in the bottom of an article, in the sidebar of the page, or you can use a single page to hold the web form. Or you can design a flying popover box with your web form, once a visitor goes to your site (or some pages of your site), this box will pop over and let the visitor sign up for your email list, or he can just close it if he does not want to sign up.

This sounds quite complicate, especially for a beginner. I suggest you to use the professional auto-responder service to help you. I am using Aweber as my auto-responder service. It can help me set up the web form, and then I will it in my web site. After a visitor sign up, the data will be sent to Aweber’s database and I can log in to my account to manage the list. I can also set up a newsletter series and Aweber helps me to send them to my subscribers by the scheduled time.

Following are some great tips about email marketing.

1. You can use some free bonus to attract people to sign up for your list, for example, a free ebook, or a several-day mini course. No matter which one, the free content you provide to your subscribers needs to be very informative, or it solve a very particular problem they may have. You can target on 3000 to 5000 total words of your free content that can really help your subscribers.

2. Use double opt-in to collect email addresses, i.e., after a visitor signs up for your list, request him to go to his email account and click the confirmation link in the email you send to him. Some people may use other’s email to sign up, if you don’t use double opt-in, your email may be regarded as a spam email and you will get caught.

3. Send out proper follow up emails to your list. Many online marketers make a big mistake: They spend a lot of effort to grow their lists, but they actually neglect to take care of them effectively. Email marketing includes a number of steps, and you need to implement each step properly. Once you already built up those valuable email lists, don’t just waste your hard work by failing to do the follow up properly. You can develop a newsletter series, and send them to your subscribers with the scheduled time interval. In these emails, you always provide great content they can benefit from. You can still insert affiliate links in these emails. Occasionally, you can send out a hard sell email to introduce a product they may like to try.

4. Your tone is very important. Try to keep it warm, friendly and empathetic. Your readers don’t like a boring, stuffy, third-person corporate way. You can still be enthusiastic, but not pushy or demanding. Just imagine that you are taking to an old friend, face to face. People respond much better to somebody they think is talking to them, not at them, or down to them.

Email marketing is an important marketing strategy. Once it is done correctly, there will be great rewards. It can work for any online marketer who is willing to put it into practice, learn the experience from other successful people, and take care of this valuable part of online business – email marketing.

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