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Some days ago I wrote a post, Introduction to search engine optimization (SEO). Today I would like to talk more about SEO.

Many people are looking for the right search engine optimization strategy in order to push their websites to a high position in the major search engines. If your website (or a web page) is not ranked in the first page, then the traffic you can get from free search will be very low. The simple search engine ranking can determine the fate of thousands of businesses. Here are some of the most important search engine optimization methods which will help a website get the high ranking.

On Page Optimization

On page optimization is a very old search engine optimization strategy. It was the most powerful factor of SEO long time ago, which made all the difference for your ranking. But today it may be one of the least useful methods listed here. However, if you do not implement these methods, it may hurt the ranking of your website significantly. Since on page optimization is relatively easier than off page optimization, there is no reason not to do this work. On page optimization includes many factors, such as title tags, meta tags, keyword optimization, alt tags of images, deep navigation, SEO friendly URL, etc.

Article Marketing

Article marketing is also a very old search engine optimization strategy which is still very powerful. Basically, what you need to do is writing articles focusing on one keyword or, a few keywords. In these articles you insert some links pointing back to your own website. Then you post these articles to some article directories. Once the article is published, it has a back link, or several back links, to your website. Then search engines will crawl to directories and find the back links. Article marketing is not a single time job, and you have to write and post new articles again and again to maintain the SEO value from the article directories. You can use some tools to help you, such as Article Marketing Robot or Article Marketing Automation (AMA), which can help you submit spun articles to the article directories gradually. Some other tools may submit your articles to all article directories in just one time, this kind of burst submission may not a good way for SEO.

Getting Back Linking from Trusted Sites

Article marketing can generate a lot of back links, but the SEO value of these back links may not be so high. If you want to get some highly valuable back links to your site, you will need to get back links from trusted sites. Trusted sites are those websites that search engines, especially Google, hold in high regard. High level directories such as and are trusted sites. Additionally, those websites with “.edu” or “.gov” domain extension are also trusted sites. Some major forums or information sites are trusted sites too. Just one back link from these trusted sites may create much more value than a lot of back links from other low value sites.

Link Baiting

Link baiting is an important search engine optimization strategy. You can write an article (or create an image, a piece of video, etc.) with very high quality, and post it in your website. Then it will attract the attention of many other websites and get lots of links from them. It may take much time to create high quality content, but it will also create lots of benefits for your website. Since it is a very valuable authority resource for the niche, it can draw a lot of attention from many other websites and get lots of back links. Furthermore, because of the high quality of the content, visitors to your website tend to stay there and watch the content, no matter they come by following the links from other websites, or from the search results. This will build up a trust with them, and increase the chance that they click on your affiliate link and make a purchase, or take an action you will they do. This is why people always say, “Content is the king”. Link baiting is one of the most effective but low-cost search engine optimization strategy for a website.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a very popular SEO tool, though it has no too much SEO value in these days. A few years ago, back links from social media could help a lot in SEO ranking and getting indexed by search engines fast, so many affiliate marketers just abused it. Today the goal of using social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook is to build up the relationships and trust with your prospective customers. You will need to provide constant, valuable content to your readers in order to set your business up as an authority and a recognizable in your niche.

Viral Marketing

The target of viral marketing is to draw people to your website, which is similar to social media and link baiting. Viral marketing is NOT putting virus in others’ computers and hijacking them to your website. As one kind of search engine optimization strategy, viral marketing is offering free contents such as video, eBook and software, which include the URL of your website. Once you give these contents out, they are passed person by person, and you can’t stop them. This is somewhat like the transmission of virus. Once people watch your content, they may click the urn, or just type it into the computer if it is not clickable, and then go to your website. If the content is really excellent, it will be spread out and many people will get it and go to your website. So, viral marketing can be very effective, though it is the least measurable method.

A single method of the above SEO strategies may not make too much difference. However, if you use multiple of them together, the results may be terrific. You need to set up the long term search engine optimization strategy to push your site to the top ranking. Try to combine all these strategies together, test constantly, and make adjustment accordingly. Then you may get flood of traffic to your site.

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