Domain registration and website hosting

After you find the affiliate products to promote, your next step is to find a place to put your landing pages. You may already read many stories about some affiliates who made tons of money without having their own websites. Probably it is true, because you can always find some free blogs to build your landing pages, such as,, and so on. The problem is, you don’t have full control on it. You need to follow their rules, and use their templates. Also it is not your own property, even if it can make a lot of money for you, it is others’ property. Once others want to take it back, you lose it. So it is highly recommended to build your own website (and your own property).

In order to build your own website, the first thing is to find a domain name registrar to register your domain. I recommend, which is what I am using for my websites. It is a very popular domain registration service. You can go to its home page, enter your domain name to see if it is available. I suggest that you use a keyword based domain name if you want to rank this keyword high in search engines. Also it is better to use .com domain. If .com is registered by others and you use .net, or .org, when a user is trying to go to your domain, he may enter .com instead of .net, or .org. Therefore, he will go to your competitor’s site. If you can not find the domain you want, try to search the long tail keyword. Also try to avoid hyphen(“-”), the reason is that the user may ignore hyphen and enter your competitor’s site. After you find an available domain name, register it, and go to the next step.

After you register your domain name, you will need to find a server to host your website. You can use the hosting service of your domain name registrar, such as But, I recommend that you use a different hosting service. In case you don’t like your hosting service, you can switch to another one without affecting your domain registration. The one I will recommend is It has excellent packages in relatively low price, and really good customer support. Also their servers have very good “uptime”, which is a very important indicator that how often their servers are inaccessible, making your sites inaccessible either. You would like a high uptime of the hosting server. The package I would like to recommend is “Baby” package, which allows you to host unlimited domains. So you can host as many different websites as you like, using only one account, and pay the fee for only one account, which is about $10 per month. You can use a coupon code, affitutor88, to get $9.94 off when you are signing up. You can also pay for 2 years or 3 years in advance to lower the monthly fee, but this is not recommended, in case you meet some problem with The “Baby” package also include unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and shared SSL certificate. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about that there is no enough space to store the files of you sites, or too many visitors go to you site which causes the bandwidth problem.

Once you have signed up for an hosting account, you may need to add the domain in this account. I will not talk about the details and you can follow HostGator’s instruction to finish this step. After you add the domain name in the hosting account, you will need to go to, and change your domain name’s DNS server to your hosting account’s DNS (HostGator will provide this to you). Then, after a few moments(from a few minutes to a few hours), if someone enter your domain name in a browser, he will be led to the files in your hosting account. If you don’t do anything, he will see the default files in your hosting account(Probably those files are meaningless to a visitor). If you already uploaded the web pages to your hosting server, your sites will be ready to the world.

I will talk about how to write web pages for your site later.

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